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{’ laughs, the image of you running around a football field, out of breath and red in the face suddenly flashing in her head } Ah, friend… just take it easy! {’ pats } But at least you have a sport you can call a hobby! I mea that must be fun right? A way to unwind. {’ nods } A power ranger huh.. {’ snorts, the image of a certain someone else dressing up as Red during last Halloween forming in her mind this time } I know someone who was a power ranger… {’ starts laughing all over again } Which color did you want to be? {‘points at herself, grinning widely } Definitely pink— heh. {’ chuckles } Do you dance at fanmeetings? Next time please dace to AOA— {’ hums the chorus to Miniskirt before she starts cracking up again } But really, dancing in heels is tricky, but like I said—got used to it. Just hard when the stage is slippery after raining. Or when you’re unfamiliar with a new venue which sometimes happens with open broadcasts. God knows I’ve slipped a few too many times. {’ presses her palms against her face at the embarrassing remembrance }

I— friend this was the part where you were supposed to disagree and say “No Hyunwoo, you would be amazing out there.” I’ll have you know that I can run up and down the pitch when playing the fifa game on my mobile. -huffs playfully, pretending to be upset with your laughter before laughing along;; But playing sports are very fun, when you’re free from schedules we should try to play sometime. What’s a sport that you always wanted to try? -raises a brow and grins;; Oh you knew someone who was a power ranger? Would it be possible to get that person to dress as a power ranger again so that we can have a group of the red, blue, and pink ranger. We could run around performing good deeds or something. -laughs at the thought and shakes his head;; The only dance I did was the gwiyomi? But that’s because they kept asking for me to dance it. My manly image is ruined all because of that song— -looks off into the distance dramatically then quickly turns his head to face you again;; If I were to dance to Miniskirt it would be perfect publicity for AOA… but bad for me because my fans there will never forget it. Hm hm… what a tough decision. -smiles and reaches over to pat your arm;; There there, practice makes perfect. I’m sure you aren’t falling as much as you did when you first started, and that’s good. -nods and offers two thumbs up;; 


Well, even if it’s not in the public, I tend to know lots of strange facts about everything rather than being well rounded in terms of education. I tended to pick up on the little unexpected things rather than the most important things during my school days, so my mind is most likely filled with useless facts that might be of use someday. I’m also rather talented at communicating with supernatural beings, well, in my imagination at least, and most animals I would say. I might be of use someday when you least expect it. But hm, you said…Soohyun is the actor you worked with that played the alien? Which Soohyun are we talking about though? UKiss Soohyun?

And that is definitely a useful thing. I was talking to Airi about how if I found myself in a situation I haven’t read about I probably wouldn’t know what to do.. then again I barely know what I’m doing most of the time. Aha and we can’t forget the dinosaurs to that list, after all you’re the one who’s going to keep us out of trouble if dinosaurs suddenly appeared after a science experiment goes wrong right? And then our ghost hunting adventures, I think you’ll be even more useful than you think noona. Oh no no, I’ve only met that Soohyun a few times while being an inkigayo mc. I was talking about Kim Soohyun, that hyung whose face is nearly everywhere from his cfs and endorsements. 

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She nodded at his reply. “I can understand that, it’s been very hot this summer.” Looking up at the menu, she searched through the drinks before tilting her head not knowing what to get. “Do you recommend anything?” She asked him, curious to what was good in the cafe.

"Do I recommend anything.." He repeated softly, tilting his head from side to side while thinking. "To be honest, I’ve only been drinking the smoothies here, I’m not really a coffee person." He admitted, laughing sheepishly and rubbing the back of his head as he nodded slowly. "But the baristas have been telling me to try the iced coffees"

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I’m glad you understand my position and duties. This is why I have kept you in the squad. I knew you would be the scout with sense. { `laughs, shaking his head at the other } Of course twin. Seeing too much awesome requires a lot of skill. { `grins } Then we should make sure to ride the scariest rollercoasters. Twin… I thought you knew where it was. You were the one who mentioned it first.

-reaches over to pat your back and tries to recite the quote with a straight face;; With great power comes great responsibility. Though I really don’t know how that applies to this situation.. -coughs and mumbles;; I may or may not have just wanted to say that quote -coughs;; I’ll trust your judgement twin. -nods along in agreement;; Of course, I hope we won’t cause too much trouble with our looks at the theme park. We’ll have to ride the scariest and fastest rollercoaster there, or else our trip would be boring wouldn’t it? -blinks and nods slowly;; Oh right— yes. I was merely just making sure you were paying attention. And you were, congratulations twin! You win a paid ticket to the theme park, courtesy of Hyunwoo.

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[/She gave a dramatic turn, covering both her eyes while the noise of a faked-sob invaded the environment both shared.] N-no.. Actually.. My bed is broken now. [/And thus the music resounded with even a major strength, Yamamoto faced the guy however, and she was side-smiling.] I have a new one now. We get along just great. A king-sized bed desu~. [/Clears throat.] BUT YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO KNOW TOO I MEAN IT’S YOUR WEDDING AFTER ALL. FRIEND PLEASE. ALRIGHT I SHALL ASK AIRI BECAUSE HYUNWOO KNOWS NOTHING. [/growls.]

-blinks for a second before grinning, reaches over to measure the height difference between the both of us;; You have a kind sized bed for someone your height? How— is this the perks of being an idol? I should invest in a king sized bed. Hm hm.. -looks up as the other clears her throat;; AM I REALLY? OH. THAT’S TRUE BUT WE HAVENT REALLY TALKED VERY MUCH ABOUT WEDDINGS. FRIEND PLEASE. THERE WAS NO BOOKS ON HOW TO WEDDING. HYUNWOO KNOWS NOTHING THAT ISN’T WRITTEN IN BOOKS -sobs;;

gives some raw green beans

but why just raw green beans—



Oh yes, because I carry around hot pots of chocolate sauce. You know, just in case I need to keep you in line. -whines- I’m sorrrryyyy, but I can’t help it if I’m laaazzzyyyy. Plus, I enjoy getting cuddles as often as I can so excuse you. What would you do without me? Something along the lines of sulk, study, and eat. Oh? Should I bring earphones to drown out the frantic and excited screams of— -takes a quick breath before demonstrating- “OPPAAAAAA!!!”? You might have to send me away to go look for more clothes for you to try on because I might get jealous and say that you’re my oppa. Okay, let’s set guidelines— Disney movies, and anything nostalgic that has some connection to either of our upbringings is completely off-limits. -sighs jokingly and pulls out her old purity ring, placing it on her ring finger- There, it’s a temporary replacement. No, no, not bald— Just short enough for the softness to return. -shakes her head- No, that doesn’t count because you dyed it back, the colour is off just a little bit. Well, that’s one of your many, many, many purposes. -nods her head before raising her arms to give you two thumbs up- You’re doing a very excellent job. -stares at you for a while- So what you may or may not have just suggested… Is to find a way to be kidnapped as well to protect them from any harm? Is that what you’re saying? If not then I have no idea what you’re implying. No, it wouldn’t surprise me very much, but I don’t think it’d be enough to fill out a concert hall. I might but even then, I would still be very, very nervous. I might be the better singer, but your Korean is a whole better than mine. No, you can’t be batman because that means leaving at the most inconvenient times, especially at night and no. You can just protect me by holding me. What? Nuh-uh, he’ll be too busy and focused on mastering his skills that he won’t have time for girls. If I’m just as sane as you are then that means I’m definitely insane. Should I sing the song for you? I guess, in a ideal situation, legally you’re vowing to love me forever?? -laughs nervously and looks around- Haha, what makes you say that??? Oh yes, I forgot because you want to be a ‘cool dad’, right? Can you imagine? “Airi, will you marry me?” “Mm, actually I’ve changed my mind— Can we get a divorce?” Pfft, I doubt that would happen. But did you know that there are seven gods on one grain of rice? That’s a whole lot of cards, it’s going to take you an eternity and then some. And if you miss someone, they’ll surely be offended. Perhaps it’s best to just make sure we cherish one another and continue to live as happily as we can. 

Some people do strange things? Not that I think you would do strange things like carrying hot pots of chocolate sauce. But I’m just as lazy too? Shh shh, cuddles from you are great. I like cuddling with you. Ah yes, sulk, study, and eat sound accurate. Let’s not forget that I will also fanboy and hide behind books.  -blinks in surprise from your sudden outburst;; I— but if you bring earphones you won’t be listening to me. I’m your oppa, please don’t forget that. Ah okay, I got it. I promise those listed things will stay off limits. -laughs and stares at your old purity ring;; A temporary replacement until I get the engagement ring? Or can I go get the other rings??? What if I gave you my mother’s engagement ring? Ah so like the haircut I have now? And my hair is back to black again.. -pauses and reaches up to touch his hair;; does it look fluffy? One of my many, many, many purposes? I feel very useful to you now. Please let me continue doing this job and keeping you warm. -nods slowly;; Yes, that is what I’m suggesting. After all who wouldn’t want to kidnap me? I’ll use social media to get that concert hall filled. With all my followers on both twitter and instagram I’m sure it will work. and if you don’t want to go with that idea… then let’s have a fanmeeting together. and i’ll help you when you need to reply in korean and you’ll help me with my japanese. Aha alright then, no secret jobs as batman. I promise I’ll hold you close and protect you. Ah yes, Rei will be focused on becoming the very best at whatever he chooses to do right? You’re not insane and I’m not either. We are perfectly 98% sane. I’d love to hear you sing a song. I guess that’s true. But didn’t I already promise to do that with the pinkie promises and contracts we made with each other? -squints;; You two really do, don’t you? But I’m already the cool dad remember? And you’re the cool mom? Sobs. I don’t want to imagine that??? Why would you ask me to imagine that— -blinks and nods slowly;; Oh right. Offending someone would be terrible so let’s just forget about sending out the cards and go with your idea.


I’ll do what I must do for the sake of the sailor scouts twin. Please don’t think too much over it. { `chuckles } Ah well, the same would go for you twin. Thank you for the compliment. { `shakes his head } What do you take me for twin? I am not scared of rollercoasters. I hope you aren’t scared.

Oh of course, you’re the leader after all. And as the leader you have to be prepared to make these type of decisions so I’ll trust you. -grins and tips an imaginary hat;; Thank you, thank you. It must be difficult for people to see this much amazing at one time.  -laughs and shakes his head;; Of course I’m not scared of rollercoasters, shh shh how could you suggest such a thing? But more importantly, how far away is this theme park?

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